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Updates, cuz they insisted

I havent posted in a while because I’ve been REALLY, REALLY sick. Monumentally sick. Yesterday I had this die-off spell that knocked me out completely – I was crying on the bed, it felt every pore wanted to throw up. ¬†It scared my mom a lot. It passed by the afternoon (I had my first appointment with Ann Boroch right after the spell). So I don’t know if it was the head band Ann put around my forehead, or just that some time passed, but I started to feel better and was up and around and even chopping carrots(!) by the evening. Yesterday was my first day in the kitchen in 14 days. That is definitely a sign of improvement. BTW: I the carrots I was chopping were to dip in the hummus my mom just made (recipe care of Cheeseslave ¬†http://www.cheeseslave.com/2009/05/05/easy-homemade-hummus/ )

In other news: we’ve interviewed 3 doctors so far: Kajiki, Karrazian & Boroch. We’ve selected Boroch for now. We had also planned to interview a guy in Washington state that we got from the GAPS guide book and Thomas Cohen, also from the GAPS Guide out of San Francisco. We decided to cancel these two appointments because we think Ann is just what we need right now. She has a program designed to kill the candida but manage die-off. With the GAPS intro diet, fermented foods and the probiotic, I was having WAY too much die-off. The this-can’t-be-good-for-me kind of die-off. We are thinking that we will do her 90 day program and -since it is her speciality – count on her to get my candida problem under control. Once she has done that and I am stronger overall, we will do the GAPS diet to heal my gut completely so that I can be fibromyalgia free.

The most encouraging thing I’ve heard in I-don’t-know-how-long we got from Boroch who said “fibromyalgia is the easiest (to treat) of all the things I treat.” How exciting is that?! And my mom has been reading everything she comes across and she is seeing the same things said again and again: you have to heal the gut to heal rest of the body. She was reading something the other night that was basically again saying the same thing as everyone else and she said “well thats all there is to it, you are going to get well. We’re doing everything everyone says to do!” That was encouraging – at least we are all back on the case and looking for answers.

And when you think about it, GAPS just makes so much SENSE! I had colic as a baby, I had ear infections and round after round of antibiotics starting at 11 months and continuing past the age of 7. I had more antibiotics for my acne and my bladder infections when I was in my late teens. Then in my early 20’s I had many, many rounds of Difflucan – I couldn’t tell you how many. The stuff barely works on me anymore – these days I need 2. Oh, and at the onset of the fibro I was given two rounds of IV antibiotics (checked into the hospital for the weekend) and several rounds of oral antibiotics when they still thought this thing was a pelvic infection. I fit the GAPS profile to a T. And even my most conservative Western medicine doctor happened to say that the gut was “most of the immune system” at my appointment last week! All signs point to GAPS. But with a little killing of the candida and an overall building of my strength with Dr. Boroch first.

Devon is such a trooper. I try to imagine being in his shoes – with the prospect of my recovery being such a LONG process. But, he is amazing!

In other news: we are seeing Ann Boroch and now doing her “candida cure” diet. I’ll fill you in on the details later, I’m too tired tonight. It is a little crazy changing from diet to diet – I don’t think this will get us anywhere and it is too stressful for everyone. I know we need to make a decision and go with it for awhile. (but there is no harm in watching it along the way to make sure it is on track) I also had a Bowen treatment today. Bowen is like chiropractic for the muscles. The practitioner sort of adjusts you, and it sends signals to the nervous system that basically reboots it to it’s factory settings. Sounds pretty cool. Hope it works on my sciatica!

Oh! and Kajiki taught us about brain fatigue. Boy do I have that.

My Teeth are Fuzzy

Day 8 of eating only: broth and boiled chicken and beef with muchy carrots, onions and squash. We have made a few mistakes – a few tablespoons of apple sauce for instance gave me a stabbing stomach ache for 3 hours and diahrrea the next day. We tried Ghee yesterday and I had loose stools today… So we are back to nothing but broth, boiled meat, and 3 lousy veggies.

And the die-off symptoms I am having are intense! Today I realized that my teeth have been fuzzy for days! I thought I had just been SO SICK that I hadent been brushing my teeth -the fibro causes serious memory problems sometimes – but then I thought about it for a second – and I realized I’ve been brushing at least twice a day! What in the world is going on?!

I told my mom about it and she said that it is a detox symptom – she gets fuzzy teeth when she does a cleanse. Wow. I am going thru an intense detox right now. In the books they describe the possible detox symptoms as “flu-like,” with nausea, diahrrea, headaches, and body aches. They read like they will be minor and pass quickly. What they don’t tell you is that these symptoms can be SEVERE. I’m a pretty tough patient – and I couldn’t take much more. When they say you will question yourself whether or not you are doing the right thing, they don’t mean it in a surfacy way. Trust me, I’m in the midst of it right now – and I’m not exaggerating whe I say I’ve had serious concerns as to whether or not we are doing the right thing. What if we are just making me even sicker? What if this actually hurts me or sets me back really far and just leaves me there? Will I really start to feel better again if I resume eating cookies?

And then the lightbulb goes on – how could eating some of the most nourishing and easy to digest foods available while avoiding sugar and grains be hurting me?! Of course they aren’t! This is just die-off. I’ll survive it. And then I’m going to feel a lot better!

(shout out to my Mom and Devon for nursing me through this – I literally can’t take care of myself right now – and they are doing it with so much love!)

Day 7 – Ups and Downs

Started the day off feeling absolutely fantastic.  I am taking a few supplements, vitamins and minerals right now, and all of them have certain rules about when they can be taken in relation to meals and to each other.  So I usually try to wake up about an hour before anyone else in the house so I can take a Thyroid pill and then I go back to bed to try to sleep for another hour.

Since I started GAPS last week we’ve been trying to figure out the timing of meals and what we’ve worked out in the past few days is that if I eat once every two hours I am most stable. ¬†Of course, my meals consist of assorted variations of chicken soup; chicken or beef broth with chicken, carrots, onions and squash. ¬†Every meal. ¬†All day long. ¬†It’s tough.

Anyway, this morning I woke up feeling really great – I was famished so instead of taking my Thyroid I started making breakfast. ¬†Unfortunately, the great feeling didn’t really last. ¬†The past couple days I’ve developed a pattern of starting to feel pretty ok, with some amount of energy right as I start to get hungry. ¬†As soon as I eat, however, I quickly start feeling pretty sick again. The up and down of it is really… upsetting.

We think it may be the die-off, or just the fact that my digestive system is basically in shock by being able to digest everything I’m eating for the first time in… well in years. ¬†I don’t know how many readers I might have yet, but has anyone else out there run into this? ¬†When you first started GAPS did you get sick to your stomach every single time you ate?

Welcome to our blog! This being our first post, I’m a little intimidated…. Trying to organize and focus my thoughts when I’m feeling THIS BAD is difficult… But we think this blog could help us and others so here we go….

I’ve had Fibromyalgia and Chronic Fatigue for a little over 2 years – but it took a long time for me to get a diagnosis. Before we had the diagnosis we tried a western medical approach (antibiotics and surgery) and eastern medical approach (acupuncture and herbs), saw a digestive specialist and tried emotional and physical therapy. At one point we were convinced it was Celiac Disease, then were told that maybe I should have my appendix removed and then last year I started seeing a doctor who specializes in Fibro and Chronic Fatigue.

The first thing he did was give me a list of foods I needed to cut out of my diet (gluten, sugar, corn, dairy, soy, MSG) and then he started working on repairing the imbalances in my hormone and vitamin levels (Thyroid, cortisol, vitamin B, etc).  In future posts I will go into much more detail about his treatment and how it has worked for me. In summary, my progress under his care has been good, but has recently felt like it has leveled off (and some days taken very serious dips).

Recently we’ve begun reading about GAPS (http://gapsguide.com/, http://gapsdiet.com/)¬†and feel that it is a better approach – trying to permanently cut out foods that my system was reactive to from my diet helped a lot, but over time I’ve made exceptions from time to time and isn’t really maintainable forever. ¬†The GAPS approach is a lot harder initially, but promises to allow my gut to really heal itself and let me start eating normal foods again.

On November 3rd, 2009, I began the GAPS “Intro” diet. ¬†I will over the next days, weeks and months chronicle how GAPS is or isn’t helping my condition, what I learn about how to prepare the foods, what to avoid and when, and what else I am doing to say “Goodbye to Fibromyalgia!”